Through collaboration, enthusiasm and dedication, we have been able to achieve unity, togetherness, acceptance and inspiration for hundreds. BUT It’s not enough – talking to like-minded people, those that already believe in equality, in unity, in peace, in interfaith and multicultural togetherness, we need to do more…

WIN Foundation is here to help. Happy to collaborate and work with any organisation that could use our expertise of bringing people together, putting on events and creating cultural understanding.

Our dedicated team is about human rights, education, sustainability and networking people together. Happy to help with any project, with any idea, with any group, young old, men, women from any culture, race or religion.

This picture is from the 2015 IWD event. For reports of past events please go to the events tab above.
On the 19th August, WIN Foundation had representation at the launch of the Equal Right Commission report, Koori Women - Unfinished Business. Click here to read our secretary’s
Women’s Business Prayers at the Melbourne, Parliament of the Worlds Religions, 2009, launched the concept of WIN Foundation

WIN Foundation’s other services include (but are not limited to):

  1. Helping communities build capacity and harmony
  2. InterFaith project / event management
  3. Introducing students to Interfaith and Intercultural understanding
  4. Providing assistance and advice to networks and communities to create peace building activities and events

For more information, please email Jamel@CulturalEducation.com.au or call 0426 254 647.