WIN Foundation Aims and Objectives


The Women’s Interfaith/Intercultural Foundation of Victoria is a Co-operation Circle within the United Religious Initiative of the United Nations. As an integral part of URI, we share the guiding principles of that organization. These include:

“To promote enduring daily interfaith co-operation

to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings and

To respect the uniqueness of each tradition and differences of practice or belief.”


To create an interfaith service organization, wherein people of all faiths work together for the benefit of those in need, both here in Victoria, Australia and in the wider global community.


To provide an opportunity for women of different faiths, cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, to come together to:

•Share from our traditions.
•Listen and speak with respect to deepen mutual understanding and trust.
•Build bonds of friendship. 
•Give and receive hospitality.
•Address issues and concerns faced by women and families.
•Work together on projects that aid the most needy in our Victorian community and the global community, especially when natural disasters and wars create pressing needs.
•Support indigenous communities both in Victoria and abroad, to succeed in their goals of improved life indicators in all aspects of life.
•Mutually encourage women to enhance their contribution to Australian society.
•Encourage city/country, rural/regional connections and support across Victoria.
•Support Victorian children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, irrespective of their faith and ethnic backgrounds, and aid and assist them in their holistic development.
•Act as a bridge between peoples, organizations and government.